About Us

Sofee and Lenee is a mom-operated business located in beautiful Northern California. 

I grew up on a small biodynamic farm in the Black Forest.  The food we grew and the animals we raised were mostly for our family and relatives. We spend our free time playing outdoors, in any weather, and our evenings with knitting and other type of handwork. Of course, we were always eagerly awaiting many seasonal celebrations of the year!

As a mom now, I very much appreciate German baby and children's products of quality and beauty.  Clothing and accessories of natural fibers, and waterproof rainwear to keep my children warm and comfortable during gardening and outside play.

As a business owner, I am very happy to be able to offer to you such carefully selected baby and children's products that I import from my home country. 

We love hearing from you, so please contact us with any questions, comments, or product suggestions.  We are constantly researching new products, as we are always interested in bringing German Kinder Products of quality and beauty to you! 


Dorothee Buth, Owner